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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Nofapado, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Nofapado

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    Pornography is a devilish thing. Sometimes masquerading as love but never truly love. It is pure ego and exploitation. Something to be avoid if one wants to live at a high state of consciousness. Pornography is base and functions at a very low level of consciousness.
  2. NCBob

    NCBob The 11th commandment: Thou shalt not peek:-)

    Thanks for the reminder, Nofapado:)
  3. NCBob

    NCBob The 11th commandment: Thou shalt not peek:-)

    Agreed, Saville. If I remain sitting, I'm doomed...
  4. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Porn is the epitome of a selfish act...but worse than that it gives you the exact opposite of what you desire... if you're after love, it takes that away; if you're after sex, it takes that ability. It is obviously of-the-devil...for does the devil not make grand and false promises?

    If the Devil exists he is most definitely laughing at the carnage.
  5. Libertad

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    So true.
  6. fcjl8

    fcjl8 The only path for me

    How are you doing Nofapado?.... stay strong brother!
  7. Billy B.

    Billy B. PMO is NOT an option!

    Yup, don't be a stranger. ;)
  8. Nofapado

    Nofapado Active Member

  9. Saville

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    Howdy! How are things, bro'?

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