EYE Floaters and Overmasturbation

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Astrix, May 17, 2015.

  1. Astrix

    Astrix New Member

    Hello friends, Sorry for my weak english. It's not my main language but I hope you understand my story.

    I got eye floaters from two months ago and didn't get better till this time. I always was doing masturbation from 2 years ago sometimes 1 or 2 times a day.

    Eye floaters showed up on my right eye. My left eye is still clear. One black floater with a lot crystal ones on right eye. They are really depressing. Eye docs couldn't find a cause for it and they say all things is normal. If my eyes are fine why I havr these crazy things on my eyes. Also I'm experiencing a low degree of Visual Snow.

    I'm really scare if my overmasturbation floaters is the main cause for my floaters. Also my eyes were myopic sine the time I born. And floaters maybe common for nearsighted people.

    I really need your opinions to clearify if there is a link betwee masturbation with eye problems. There is no medical clue about this that show masturbate even over doing it harmful.

    I can't stop my masturbation every time I decide to do it I get fail after 3 days. It's really hard for me to stop it. And I blame myself everyday for eye floaters. They will not go away by themselves and only way is surgery. My life now became the worst ever.

    Hope you help me. Thank you all and best wishes for you.
  2. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    It probably is the cause. I masturbated a lot since puberty. I had so many eye floaters that it was as if I was watching sperm floating in front of me. In my teenage and college years there were times when I stopped masturbating for a while. My eye floaters went away. When I masturbated again, they came back. I started looking for information on the Internet years ago and I was astonished to find out that over-masturbation is a cause of eye floaters.

    Early last year I was still masturbating a lot and my sight was full of eye floaters. Since I stopped masturbating for a very long time, my eye floaters are completely gone. My eye sight is 100% clear now. Only when I cross my eyes and concentrate hard to find eye floaters, I see one or two very transparent shades floating. That's normal because your eyes will always have at least some floaters no matter how healthy you are.

    3 days of quitting masturbation isn't enough. You have to quit for weeks or months to notice improvements. I know how annoying eye floaters are. They really ruin your pleasure to see things. When I had too many eye floaters I couldn't even enjoy watching a movie or reading something.

    Quit masturbation for a month or longer. It may vary for each person how much time you need to notice improvement.
  3. Astrix

    Astrix New Member

    Thank you "rebooting" for sharing your story, I really appreciate.

    Great news you don't have crazy floaters anymore. Yes they are really ruining my life too and Life is not enjoyable for me at all. I hate to look at sky or watch my computer screen. My hobbies all gone. A big dark speck along with long strands goes up and down on my vision. It's a big day for me if not see them.

    There is a forum talking about floaters, "floatertalk" maybe you saw it before. Their stories about floaters are all negative makes me cry and sad. No positive ones unless they go for FOV surgery (Floaters Only Vitrectomy). I don't want to go for it now because is risky and many compilations can occur after that. Also there are a few surgeons for it around the world.

    Your story makes me hopeful about future and giving time to my floaters and reboot from masturbation. Though I don't know how to stop it since I fail every time.
  4. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    I never heard of that forum. The eye floaters won't disappear overnight, but mine did disappear eventually and I was a severe case. Quitting masturbation suddenly is very difficult indeed. I had irresistible urges that kept me awake for a month.

    If you fail time after time after 3 days (which implies that you can do 3 days), try this:

    week 1: 2 times masturbate
    week 2: 2 times masturbate
    week 3: 1 time masturbate
    week 4: stop masturbating

    If week 4 seems impossible, masturbate 1 time again in week 4 and quit in week 5.

    In my college years, I stopped many times, but gradually. Sometimes cold turkey, but I was used to having cravings all the time, so I endured them.
  5. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    Took me about 3 weeks of no MO from heavy floaters to no/little floaters clear vision.
  6. Imfree

    Imfree Member

    I thought that the floaters were just dust and dirt on the eye and that it can be anxiety-inducing and irritating if you are not able to remove this phenomenon from your conscious awareness but that they are always there for everybody?

    Now that I focus on it this second, I see some floaters, but I can't remember the last time I noticed this.

    Are you talking about floaters or visual noise (static, etc.)?

    I had HPPD, so I know all about the extreme forms of visual disturbance (the anxiety caused by this was what originally lead me to PMO addiction).

    I remember being a kid (long before drugs) and sometimes worrying that something was wrong with me because of occasional static and afterimages.

    I don't think that there is anything wrong with you, only that your anxiety and inward focus make you concerned about various visual phenomena which always operate in the background.
  7. Imfree

    Imfree Member

    Maybe looking at porn on a computer screen can dry your eyes out an make things stick in them?

    I would say that what you are seeing comes from the brain and not from the eyes.

    Your vision of the world out there is mostly constructed by your brain. The eyes can't collect enough impressions to make the panoramic view that you believe you see. Your brain fills in the gaps and expectation can change what you "see" in certain situations. When the brain is not getting enough external sensory input, the visual areas of the brain start to produce their own stimuli. For example, people who experience a sudden decrease in their vision can have complex hallucinations.

    Excessive masturbation or sexual activity has been shown to temporarily damage small nerves in the eyes. I suppose your theory is plausible as the loss of visual acuity could lead to the phenomena discussed in the previous paragraph.
  8. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Eye floaters are particles inside the eye. They float in the eye fluids.
  9. Tseldo

    Tseldo Well-Known Member Staff Member



    I'm actually surprised they ever go away. Perhaps they gradually resorb, and the biggest only will remain.
  10. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    Eye floaters don't physically disappear. Once you stop producing new ones, your brain starts to ignore them, making them invisible to you.
  11. ukcraigs

    ukcraigs New Member

    funny thing, now I no longer PMO, I don't seem to be bothered by eye floaters anymore. Anecdotal agreement to the original hypothesis.
  12. teja

    teja New Member

    I am suffering from eye floaters .. i too have a habit of over masturbation from 5 years and i recently stopped it .... Please suggest me some treatment... it was too late i have eye floaters on my eyes since one month. they fully covered my eyes.. How many days will they last long? Share your experience.. Any treatment or surgery needed?
  13. saneagain

    saneagain Member

    Eye floaters are common during withdrawals from other drugs too. Search "benzo withdrawal eye floaters". I have eye floaters too. People say they disappear after some time. But it can take a while.

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