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    Background Information
    I want to begin by giving a big thanks to Gary Wilson and YBR for providing valuable resources and awareness to the PIED phenomenon. I am a 33 year old healthy male, athletic build. My first exposure to porn started at the age of 14, around the time when the internet was still in it's infant stages. Slowly over the years, I graduated from viewing pictures - videos - internet porn. I began having sex at age 28 ( mixed success). I continued to PMO until April 2013 when I realized I was having difficulty getting aroused by my new girlfriend. Since that time, I have remained PMO free and have noticed amazing results. This is not a research paper, I just want to give an account of my experiences in the hopes it helps and inspires others. I don't recommend for or against my methods.. I just want to summarize my results and methids


    Ages 13-19
    Porn use: 1-2 times a week
    Porn medium: Pictures (softcore)
    Masturbation frequency: several times a day
    Could masturbate to sensation
    Spontaneous erections
    Easly aroused by women
    Morning wood present

    Ages 19-23
    Porn use : 3- 5 times a week
    Porn medium: (VHS/DVD) (straight sex)
    Masturbation frequency: 8 times a week
    Needed increasing fantasy for masturbation without porn
    Spontaneous erections present
    Could get hard by thought of sex

    Ages 23-28
    Porn use: 7-10 times a week (15 min sessions)
    Porn medium: internet porn (increasing novelty, hardcore porn, gangbang, group sex)
    Masturbation habits: only with internet porn
    Could still masturbate to porn fantasy
    No desire to approach women
    Morning wood disappeared
    Attempted sex at 28 (could not get hard even with oral orgasmed at 30% erect)

    Ages 30-32 (first girlfriend)
    Porn use: 3 times a week
    Porn medium: internet porn (hardcore straight sex)
    Masturbation habits: 3 times a week (50%PMO 50% fantasy)
    No morning wood
    Had sex 2x a week but needed 20-30 mg cialis and oral sex to get and maintain erection
    Occasional delayed ejaculation

    1. I was experiencing weak dopamine signaling from excessive porn use
    2. I had sensitized porn arousal pathways. Desensitized natural arousal mechanisms
    3.Rebooted with a girlfriend. Could not do an orgasm reboot because she would probably have left me.
    4.Felt orgasm reboot was not critical and that ultimately my brain would readjust to normal arousal pathways over time
    5.Decided to orgasm during sex. Gave up porn and masturbation to see if erection quality improved.
    6. As a side note. I noticed that orgasms during sex were not as intense as with porn. Felt that because porn orgasms were more intense and released more dopamine this resulted in release of increased Delta Fos-B and created a porn sensitized pathway


    1. Continue having sex with girlfriend using Cialis
    2. Start with 30 mg of Cialis and gradually taper down dosage
    3. Ultimately get off ED medication
    4. Bond with girlfriend emotionally. Felt that this was important to view sex as an intimate experience between loving individuals
    5.Had as much sex as possible. Felt that this would train my brain to view my girlfriend as my sole sexual outlet.


    Month 1+2
    Sex: 5 times a week
    Cialis dose: 30 mg (effects lasted only 1day)
    Still needed physical stimmulation to get erect
    Libido: volatile fluctuations
    Return of morning wood
    Anxiety with sex
    PMO craving for first month

    Month 3
    Sex: 7-10 times a week
    Cialis dose: 20 mg (effects lasted 2 days)
    Libido: 3/10
    Morning wood daily
    Reduced anxiety for sex

    Month 4
    Sex: 7-10 times a week
    Cialis dose: 10 mg (effects lasted 2 days)
    Arousal from sexual cues ( no physical stimm needed)
    Daily morning wood
    Libido: 3/10

    Month 5
    Sex: 5 times a week
    Cialis dose: 10 mg (effects lasted 2 days)
    Arousal from sexual cues
    70% sex with cialis
    30% sex off cialis
    When off cialis, needed physical stimmulation to get erect. Also had difficulty maintaining erection during sex.
    60% of time would fail to maintain erection while off cialis. This could have been because of weak dopamine signaling. To have successful sex off ED medication, I needed to masturbate to a pleasure threshold ( near orgasm) to maintain erection during sex.
    Libido: 4/10
    Daily morning wood

    Month 6
    Sex: 5 times a week
    Cialis dose: 7 mg ( lasted 3 days)
    Daily morning wood
    Noticed partial erections while kissing and increased spontaneous erections off cialis.
    Only used cialis 2x a month
    60% success rate maintaining erection off cialis
    Libido: 4.5/10

    Month 7
    Sex: 5 times a week
    Cialis dose: 7 mg (lasted 3 days, sexual cues only needed)
    Daily morning wood
    Cialis used only 2x a month
    75% success for maintaining erection
    Libido 5/10

    Month 8
    Sex: 6 + times a week (multiple times a day)
    Cialis dose : 7 mg ( effects lasted 3.5 days)
    Used cialis only 1x a month
    When off cialis need little physical stimmulation ( approx 50% of time) to get erect
    100% success rate with maintaining erection during sex
    No anxiety with sex
    Libido: 6/10


    The fact that I saw improvemt after changing one variable ( giving up PMO), gives credence to PIED theory. I went from not being able to have sex with a woman to successful sex without ED drugs in 8 months. I am also still seeing improvements and plan to remain PMO free.

    Things that I noticed was that I regained my morning wood after the first month of my reboot, but it took me another 7 months to have stable normal sex..drug free. This leads me to believe that my problem was not low T levels but a weakened dopamine signaling for my natural arousal pathway and to the artificial PMO pathway. The reason I believe this is because I never had any issue obtaining/ maintaining/ and orgasming with porn but I had issues with a real partner. I also noticed that I had more intense orgasms with porn than during normal sex. This is probably due to the endless novality that porn offers. The more intense orgasm during porn could have resulted in release of delta fos B and sensitized the PMO pathway. This could explain why some individuals who had normal sex lives developed ED after as little as 1 year of PMOing.

    I also experienced periods where my libido crashed. In the beginning, when I PMOed, I always had intense urges to masturbate. When I gave up porn, I experienced withdraw symptoms for the first month and a variable libido. It has only been recently that I have experienced the return of my normal libido and normal sex.


    Im still seeing improvements with my arousal and erection quality which leads me to believe that I'm not fully recovered. I also realized that this recovery process can take a lot more time than 3 months. You may be able to have successful sex after 3 months, but the PMO pathways are still well established. This is especially true if you started young and escalated your porn use and frequency.

    For those who believe in sexual exhaustion or performance anxiety, I have a few comments. First, about PA, I was having sex with the same girl for 8 months. After the third month I was no longer anxious, but still had trouble maintaining my erection off cialis. It was like I had no gas in my tank. As for sexual exhaustion, I never had any issue obtaining/ maintaining/ and orgasming with porn, but would continuously have issues with a partner!

    So in summation, don't be discouraged if it takes longer than 3 months to improve. This is a healing process and takes time, but ultimately you will heal! The brain is plastic and will adapt to change. I am proff that this works.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this helps you.
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    Wow, great synopsis of your recovery. Thank you. My situation is similar to yours although I am only 45 days in and have yet to be able to have successful sex with my wife. I am doing a similar recovery process to yours so it was a relief to hear that it worked for you. The uncertainty if it will work is almost unbearable at times. I just need to keep the faith and keep moving forward.
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    Thanks so much WILLPOWER for your success story because it paves the way for the rest of us. And to Dopaholic I hear you loud and clear about the uncertainty and having to keep faith at all times. It is essential and I think feeling hopeless led to my recent relapse but not again. Anyways Keep up the good work guys.

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    You guys are very much welcome.. I just hope my experience can help others during their healing process. And trust me, I know about the uncertainty! It'll get better, but it may take longer that what most people think.

    My relationship went through extreme ups and downs during my journey to recovery. We almost broke up several times. I never told her about any of my porn use, I knew she wouldnt have understood the whole PIED situation. The only thing I told her was that I hate porn and never want to see it.

    My advice is never get discouraged by your failures.. learn from them.. Every time I didn't succeed at sex, I just kept saying that there's always tomorrow and ultimately it will get better.. the brain does really readjust! I was doubtful at first and that helped create a sense of anxiety around sex but ultimately that will pass..

    good luck!
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    Thanks for this man! Great post!

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