Edging with girlfriend?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by derp22, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. derp22

    derp22 New Member

    Started no fap thing on october first, never relapsed. I read that it was ok to have sex with a real girl but that Orgasm is a no-no.

    Last time I had sex was at day 30, came 3 times and I honestly thought I was cured. Then I went into a super no-libido flat line for 2 weeks.

    Right now I feel like I'm ok again, I don't want to O at all cost since I don't want to get that flat-lining thing again, but I wonder if I could just do sex with my girlfriend without any O or would it be considered as edging?
  2. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    If you can adopt a Kareeza mindset and not even be trying to have an O at all, maybe. But I have found that nearly every time I attempted to O with my girl and failed, I ended up MOing or PMOing soon after. It a tough call. On the other hand in my situation I have never been able to O with her at all, and that's my goal. If I could get there, I'm going for it and I don't really care if it causes a temporary setback afterwards. Personally I'd rather have a little flatline after succeeding than a relapse after failing, but your situation may be different.
  3. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    Also are you rebooting because of PIED or for other reasons? I have read that its specifically the case of PIED where you do want to not O for a while.
  4. derp22

    derp22 New Member

    Yeah I have pied and since I'm not addicted to porn and have a girlfriend I know I won't relapse.
    My girlfriend and I do have sex often (aka me going down on her), but when I got 100% erections (which happens once every 2-3 weeks of no O) she wants to go for full sex.

    I know I would be able to not O, but I was just wondering If I do have sex multiple time without O, if it would be considered as edging even if it's a real person.

    I see her every 2-4 weeks and never PMO/MO if i'm not with her.
    Been rebooting since october 1st.
  5. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    I'm doing about the same thing but on a weekly basis. I don't think its bad like "edging" while thinking about porn. You say you aren't porn addicted, but were you ever? PIED pretty much implies porn addiction. For me the downside of this has been it leads me to MO or PMO later. If you don't O and can resist doing it afterwards on your own, I wouldn't think its harmful.
  6. derp22

    derp22 New Member

    Briefly at week 4, I went down as I usually do (so I can please her) and I my erection would usually go between 20-80%, kinda like a roaller coaster.

    But at week 4 for any specific reasons, I stayed hard 100% the entire time (30minutes), even when I stopped I was hard for about 10 mins after. We were both like wtf, and we decided to have full sex. The same thing happened the day after and had sex twice. (Total of 3 O)

    I really though I was cured but on the third day I had the worst flat line I never had, and now 2 weeks from there my libido is coming back again.

    I would only like to keep my libido up so I can keep having full sex even if I don't O.
  7. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    I think you should just enjoy the fact you were able to do it successfully. Isn't that the goal? I'm not sure where holding off on O comes into play here if the only O you have is with your girlfriend, and that's what you want. Do it when you can, and otherwise you will just have to wait. If you fail, oh well, it will work another time. If you don't have the danger of watching porn or moing, I don't see what the problem is. The successes will simply become more frequent with time.

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