ED/PE Somewhat successes (still fighting and need advices + motivation)

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    hello everybody i been around this forum for about 6 months now but i never register or post here. Today i decided to share my story to you guys about my journey, where i'm at now and what i am looking forward to(please excuse my english if you guys run into some mispelling because english is not my native language.

    I am currently 23 years old turning 24 in a month, 5ft7 145lbs.

    Like most of you on here, i stared masturbating very young around 9, i remeber i used to jack off using magazine with picture of girls in bikini and it was the best feeling in the world. Then around 14 when i have high speed internet is when i set myself up for ED without knowing it. Eversince i have high speed internet the only thing i ever wanted to do is stay home watching porn and jack off 3-4 times a day and i keep doing it until 16 when i met my first gf ever, we had sex a month after we stared dating and i came in 5 minute and got hard again right after but she gotta leave so 2nd round didn't happen. a week later she told me her family will be moving out of state and we broke up. I went back to jacking off to porn everyday until 18 when i met another girl and for the first 3 months of dating we had good long lasting sex about 4 times because i didn't get to see her that much because her parent was strict and she can barely go out and then my mom lost her job and stay home all the time so its even harder for us to have sex, so my gf end up giving me quick blow job everytime she came over instead of having sex because we didnt want to get caught keep in mind i still jack off almost daily while dating her then a year later we broke up. At this point my porn taste has escalated to anal, threesome, foursome, gangbang. Also around this time i met and started hang out with a bad group of friend who got me into smoking and soon later doing cocaine. From 19 to 22 i didn't have any gf, just school during the week, watch porn for hours after school and jack off daily then go out in the weekend stay up all night drinking smoking and do cocaine, go home high and jack off to porn.

    At 22 i met this girl who i thought was the love of my life, we talked for a month and i got her to cone over to my place while my parent went on a camping trip, she end up gave me a blow job because she said she didn't wana have sex. A months later when she down to have sex i got about 80% hard enough to penetrate but the condom rip so it didnt happen, from that point on i got maybe 5 more blow job from her before we broke up and i notice i came really fast in that 5 blow job, like under a minute. After broking up with her i Kept thinking about why i came so fast then start to notice a huge drop in libido then i caught myself jacking off to double anal penetrate porn with a 50-60% hard and came within 15 stroke, my dick and my balls was smaller compare to when i was 18 started noticing i'm depress most if the time, and i tried to remrmber when it all begin but i can't still i'm sure it happen for a while already i just didn't notice then i met another girl who was very hot and i thought maybe i got bored with porn thats why i couldn't get hard to porn anymore, the first time i tried to have sex with this girl it took me atleast 10 minute of choking my dick to get it hard enough to go in and i came within 4 thurst, she was very disappointed and i told her i was tired as an excuse for my shitty perform. She stick around for awhile and still spending night over at my house sleeping next to me naked i could get around 60-70% hard cuddling her and kissing but i would go flaccid right before i could put it in her and everytime we tried i always have a panic attack thinking in the back if my head stuff like "shit! Im gonna go soft before i put it in" or"fuck im gonna cum in like 2 second" and yes it happened eveytime and she end up leaving me because i can't pleased her. Right after she left i felt like my life is over not because i lost a super hot girl but because i thought i couldn't have sex again ever.


    I went to the doctor and told him i have ED, he didn't believe me at all, because he did a blood test and a pee test for me and everything came back normal so he told me that shit "its all in your head" that most of the people here get from their doctor and he wouldnt prescripe me viagra because he i'm too young to use it, btw i tried tho rhino 7 pill sex enhance pill at gas station and all it did was gave me a fat headache. I went hom from the doctor super depress thinking about kill myself because i couldn't figure out wtf is wrong with me and mow the doctor can't seem to help either. I found this forum one day on google trying to look up keywords like "porn, masturbate, ED, PE". Im not going to lie, i tears up when i found this site and what called porn induced ED. Its like everything that wrote on here was for me, every story was related to me.


    Started this reboot mid May.2016 to now. I quit porn and masturbate cold turkey all together , the first three months was scary though i didn't have no problem quitting porn aince i have zero libido and it couldnt even turn me on anyway but i had lots lots and lots of doubt, woke up everyday wondering if i will ever be normal again and able to have regular sex a month passed by i start to notice the "super power" woke up and ready to go work, talk to people more, go out more, look straight in people' eyes while talking to them butthe power come and go, sometime i woke up feeling like shit, sometime i have so much hope that one day i will be cure and theres day when i woke up thinking that i will have Ed for the rest of my life. Sometime by the end of the second month my morning wood came back and for one week i woke up with rock hard boner and sometime just by layin down rubbing my dick softly i would get rock hard that would not go down for like 3 minutes and that a huge progress for me but it went away after one week, morning wood still there but as soon as i step out of bed or stand up it would go down right away. By the end of the third month i decided to masturbate to touch only no porn no fantasizes and i came within 2 minutes didn't feel bad after it.

    Current situation

    It been almost 6 months now into rebooting qnd i masturbate around 7 times total from the end of month 3. Morning wood is there but still go down as soon as i stand up, and i notice all that 7 times that i masturbate, as soon as i stop stroking my dick it would go down quick, PE is there, ejaculation is weak but if im super hard then it would actually shoot out. One successful thing is that the super power tend to stay, woke up everyday feelin alot better now and enjoy go to work. My dick is more full and bigger now even when flaccid I believe i still have a very long way to go before i can be completely cure according to some of the success story here that people went up to 2 years before they can have regular sex, and i am still fighting the battle but sometime i still have that doubt in the back of my head
    And i can't stop myself trying to test my erection sometime.

    That's my story, hopefully it can help motivate some of you who just started your reboot and also if you guy have some advice for me please comment i appreciate it very much.

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    Great job! But my advice in no MO for a while, and no O's. It works the fastest.
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    Stop masturbating. Why would you do that? It slowes your recovery. Morning wood is great sign bro, but it's obvious it will get flaccid after that, because you're not aroused, its just biological reaction of your body which disappear after you wake up. Be more strict - no sexual fantasies, masturbation, rubbing penis and you will be alright :)

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