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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Master1, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Master1

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    Oh well. Its been a year since i left this site thinking it would be better for my reboot. I still see some old names and alot of new ones, good that more people are becoming aware of the effects of porn.

    Just wanna update how things are going, and maybe motivate someone to quite the porn way of life.

    What was my story? Like all of you i feel into the trap at young age, things escalated out of my sexual orientation and ladies wassn't arousing me anymore. I tried to quit 3 years ago, but took me 2 years to come where in im right now, and that is 1 year free of PMO.

    After 2 years of trying to quite the frustration was there, looking in the mirror like whats wrong with me, im a fuckin loser, why cant i controll myself, porn surely had a grip on me. I left this site since i thought it was better not visiting sites about porn while trying to forget porn.

    What helped me go 1 year pmo free? I restricted my internet use, my goal was to be as social as possible, and after 2 years i had to quit this time. I put my pc away, put porn blockers on my mobile, started going to gym a lot, joined a sport club, concentrated on school... Just keep myself busy. But it wassnt easy, eventually i found away to bypass porn blockers, and lots of time through the year i have found myself watching porn for days straight, but i managed not to pmo any of those times, but M to reliese tension, i just kept going through my journey.

    Through the entire year i felt very emotionall, not crying or anything, but i analyzed my life and people around me, who am i, what am i doing here, who are these people i call friends, all kind of questions. I lost myself, im not the same person i was before this year, or i am but still not, i see things differently. I went through months of trying to find my place in the world, and still trying.

    Right now for the moment i feel happy. I see the world as it is, i have become genuie, being myself and seing things as they are. I have come to realise that people are everything in this world, its becoming to natural to be social, talking to strangers, just living in the moment. I always put my phone away in public and look around, so many people looking on their smartphones these days that they dont know where they are going. Please dont try to live in your smartphone. Recently i deactivated my instagram, facebook and all social media, because felt they were feeding me garbage information. I also been deleting contacts of people that i feel i dont need in my life anymore. Im just living true to my feelings and it feels good and makes me happy.

    About my cravings, after struggles through the entire time, now im where porn thoughts dont give me blackout and im in control, im also fantasizing about girls again, and my escalation thoughts are gone. I can get hard by using my brain only and it feels good.

    I can see a bright future for me, i hope anyone reading leave this lifestyle behind and get a new healthy one. Live in the moment, dont waste time on Porn.
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    can you give me advice on not counting the days I always measure my progress on how many days I go without it and I cant help but feel impatient and want the days to pass until I see day 90( which has never happened) ? I have been addicted for 3 years as of today.
  3. Master1

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    Im a pretty competitive guy. Counting days helped me from begenning. If you gonna count days dont use the counter in here, I made my own, i drew squares and add numbers beside and i checked 1 box every night to count days. I drew a circle on the square if I watched P or M, but i only drew a new one if I PMO, and I never did. I put the counter in the door of my room and it was easier instead of going here to see how far ive gone everyday, I just checked the squares every night.
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    Counting never helped me XD I would get impatient alot! And after marking 20 squars i would count them and realized it had only been 3 days but felt like 20. So..I just ignored the counting. That way time flys by. But not everyone is messed up like me haha. Good luck!!

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