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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by brazilianmedstudent, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Hi there guys, I'm 21 and when I was 19 I tried to reboot the first time, at the reuniting forum. I was single and really made a progress into it, even though I never made the full 90 days without PMO. At that time the results were amazing: I was really able to get on shape (ripped), I was confident and able to sleep well and all those benefits I've seen. But then I started a relationship and things didn't went too well. I came back to masturbate when I was nervous. And since my girlfriend (which she still is) is kinda of a pain in the ass I've had some extreme agressive reactions with her sometimes, like pressing her arm really hard, and grabing her neck when I was jealous and really mad at her.
    Some of you may call me bad names because of the last line, but that's not who I really am. In the last relationship I had, I still lived with my parents in my hometown, and I was a cool & calm guy style, never done anything like that. But I entered college and since then I've been living by myself in another city, and things are not going very well.

    Today I return to the NO PMO thing with two objetives: I never want to watch porn again. And secundarily I want have a normal relationship again (no low-confidence, low self-steem, no agressiveness). I wanna be the me I was in my previous relationship.

    The first goal, since I am in a relationship, is not to PM, since not Oing is not an option. I'll keep a daily journal, informing what happened that day.

    Wish me luck!
  2. Apeman

    Apeman It means you're a baboon... And I'm not

    Good luck, man. You're doing yourself a very big favor.
  3. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    @fullset it's just really simple. I just worte what I'm gonna do.

    Day 1 - Pretty, pretty bad day. Had some new in the "girlfriend cheating" department...
    Woke up late, at 11am. Didn't have trouble sleeping, though I went to bed at 1am.
    Had sex, so O.
    No work out.
    Overall mood: 2.

    Days since No:
    P = 1
    M = 1
    O = 0
  4. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 2 - Regular day.
    Woke up 10am, trying to regulate my sleep patern again. I won't have class tomorrow morning, so it is kinda hard to set it straight.
    Good mood. Ran 2.4Km (Americans won't get this one), went to the gym. One thing that really gives me some headspace is exericise. I think It is a must for everyone that is trying to reboot, since in my last real try when I almost reach the 90 days I was kinda of an athlete: 6 days per week in gym and swimming 2km per week, in two days = 1km per day.
    Mood Score = 5 (10 will be that "I am the king of the world" Leo DiCraprioish feeling)

    Days of No:
    P = 2
    M = 2
    O = 1
  5. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 3 - Good day. Went for a run (only 2.4Km, just starting...). I don't have any urges to masturbate at all. Maybe it's because I have tried to reboot some times and it doesn't feel so strange now to be without masturbation. Having some trouble to sleep, but maybe it's just because my sleep patern is kind of disrupted. I was sleeping 1am. But now I am trying to wake 7 am. Yesterday I was able to sleep by midnight, but I don't think it had to do with masturbation. Worked out today. I think the secret to reboot is to keep your mind busy, right now I'm studying for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) and at the same time I'm having regular classes so I'm REALLY busy. The bad thing is that I live by myself so I can masturbate any time I want. If I still lived with my parents I would take out the computer of my room and place it right in the middle of the living room.

    Overall mood: 7
    Days of No:
    P = 3
    M = 3
    O = 2
  6. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 4 - Good day. I had trouble sleeping early again. I woke up 7 30 today and by the afternoon I was really sleepy, but I resisted and I'm only going to bed now (21:40). I've trying to use meditation to help me sleep. In my vacation I used this iOS app "Headspace". It costs $15 per month but at that time I think it was worth it, it really helped me to stay calm and focuse and works like a stress relief. It guides you through a 10, then 15, then 20 minutes meditation (it works like a meditation course, so you start by taking 10 minutes per day and by the end of 365 days I don't know how much time it will take per day, but I'm at day 55 and it's taking 20 minutes per day). Working out every day, trying to get in shape and tired before I go to bed. Only had class in the morning and spent the whole afternoon and early night by myself studying, which kind of stressed me.

    Overall Mood: 7
    Days of No:
    P = 4
    M = 4
    O = 3
  7. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 5 - Kind of a good day. Didn't have any classes today. Again. University is getting REALLY boring. I spent almost the whole day studying. The I ran 2.4Km, went to the gym... Seeing some mood improve, and social improvement like mantaining eye-contact and all those stuff. Getting not horny, but since it's 4 days I don't see my GF that "I need to bang the shit of her" feeling is starting to kick out. I can't stand a weekend without sex, is that addiction too? I slept very easily yesterday, guess it was only a need to readapt my sleep patern.

    Overall mood: 7

    Days of No:
    P = 5
    M = 5
    O = 4
  8. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 10 - The urge to M is kicking really hard. At the beggining I could easily see pics on the web of a girl in bikini, for example, and feel nothing. Now if I see a sexy pic I'm like "I could fap to this...". It really is a strong feeling, like I really don't have control over myself. I'm having erotic dreams and waking up in the middle of the night with a boner, but no morning wood. I forgot how hard this feeling is. The last time I really rebooted I remember I was in the class, and girls with big boobs was wearing a transparent shirt. And the lingerie didn't cover all of her nipples. My penis was erect ALL THE TIME during that class, and I could not staring her tits. It was like I was an animal that could only think of sex, and never focus on anything else. But I know this feeling will be gone sometime. I had sex Friday and the Sunday. Maybe this is part of the "chaser effect" but I don't think it should take more than 1 day to get rid of this feeling. Since it's been 3 days (and 10 of no PM) I think that's the time of reboot when we are REALLY horny.

    I've seen some social improvements. It's just AMAZING how you can maintain eye contact! It's simply beyond anything you can expect, and I'm not 2 weeks deep in the process. Two weeks ago I couldn't maintain eye contact even with males, now it's natural. I really remembered the time I rebooted two years ago I could take to ANY GIRL AT ALL. I was in this party and I simply started to talk to this girl in the VIP "stage" (which I wasn't in) and I kissed her she went down to the "default floor" (which I was in) and got two more dates with her. And that was the MOST PRETTY girl I ended up kissing in my life.

    Overall Mood: 8

    Days of NO:
    P = 10
    M = 10
    O = 3
  9. major92

    major92 New Member

    FIGHT IT BRO ..FIGHT IT...stay away from it don't fall for the temptations
  10. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 11 - The temptations are still kicking in... I had sex yesterday, so maybe it's the chaser effect... I don't masturbate because I have this "I never want to do this again" feeling, but if I could I would. I just look at any female that's hot and I think "OMG she must be so hot naked" and stuff like this. And it's all the time. Is this normal libido? Even if I recover, man are always "programmed" to be horny? Because I really want to be faithfull, and never cheat. But sometimes it's like "man, wouldn't it be good if I banged the shit out of this random girl?". Of course I can control myself, but the thing I wanted to control is to look a nice butt, boobs, hips and be able to look away. It's like these things control me. Maybe that's just being a man, who knows...

    Overall mood: 8

    Days of NO:
    P = 11
    M = 11
    O = 1
  11. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 12 - The urge is really unpleasant. Now even on Facebook if I see only pictures of 1/4 boob I think that I'd totally fuck the girl. Looking forward for this to end. Even UNATTRACTIVE girls are giving me erections. That's not good. Come at me, flatline! The mood au contrarie is awesome. I take good laughs at things that first I didn't think was funny. I've always liked Family Guy, but I've been watching some EP and sometimes didn't laugh even one time the whole episode. Now I totally laugh my ass off. There must be something to do with 5HT, I don't know.

    Overall Mood: 7

    Days of NO:
    P = 12
    M = 12
    O = 2
  12. pimpetry

    pimpetry Have more fun!

    Your neurotransmitters and receptors are getting back their ideal, normal fuctioning condition.

    By the way, your advice worked out pretty well. After going out for a few days in a row I feel much much better. Thanks
  13. brazilianmedstudent

    brazilianmedstudent New Member

    Day 16 - Ran today. Better mood. Didn't feel the urge to M. It is just fantastic. I've been taking some classes on Behavioral Science and it's doing just so great for me! The addiction section was amazing! There were very clever explanations on 5-HT and Dopamine, and how 5-HT makes you control yourself, and resist to urges and maybe even having no urges at all. This last part is been the truth for me. I'm having sex every 3-4 days and at the beggining I really felt a need to M, but now it is completely gone. And I'm able to have a lot more pleasure at the intercourse. When I cum it's just so reliefing and pleasurable. But I'm having more thought like "I could have some other partner than my gf...". I guess that's just being a man, after all... Of course I will never cheat, but when I see a hot girl I really think about the girl's body and all...

    Overall Mood: 7

    Days of NO:
    P = 16
    M = 16
    O = 2

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