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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by addicted, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. addicted

    addicted New Member

    I have stopped watching porn for 15 days, but unable to continues and relpased which still continues. any one which are on the mission of stop watching porn please give solution how to stop relapsing?... seriously i feel good when i don't watch porn but still continues :(... need help...
  2. DoubleD

    DoubleD New Member

    Success is not a linear process.
    If you manage to PMO every 15 days, in the end it would be only 24 PMO session a year.
    Can you see the enormous difference between 365 and 24? Do you really think this can't have a positive effect in your mind? You are slowly sparing your brain and penis from enduring all that shit that goes on when you watch porn.

    Of course it would be better to just stop, but sadly that's not how it works for most people. We often concentrate on the few people who have a great success, and we ignore people who "just" manage the addiction and get there slowly and struggling a lot.

    Read the sticky that are in this forum written by Underdog, you'll find much help there.
  3. Facundo

    Facundo Member

    I agree with DoubleD, just try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Going cold turkey is really hard for some people because our brains and bodies are use to operate in certain way due to excessive PMO. Try to set goals and try to stick to that. 15 days seem like a realistic goal. After you relapse you can then increase your new goal to 17 days and so on. Try to occupy your mind in other things. That should help you in the long run.
  4. chizzleman

    chizzleman New Member

    Everybody is different...

    For me, I remember finishing PMO one night, and I was like, wow this is so disgusting. I got to stop doing this. Coincidentally a day or two/few days later, I found YBOP and it was as simple as that for me. One year in about two weeks!
  5. Steve30

    Steve30 Guest

    Just remember success is not a straight line and takes time in anything. I know how you feel, the first few months starting this year was hard for me but will power, internet porn filters and doing things I want to do has gotten me through the most.

    Even with the the voices crying for me to continue.

    Just do the best you can.
  6. episodeIV

    episodeIV New Member

    the 2-4 week period is the most common stage for relapse and i had countless relapses in that window. the trick is when you start week 2 to do everything you can to avoid you computer until you enter the flatline. i know this is extremely difficult but i actually made significant progress despite relapsing every 2 weeks or so. eventually i got through and now i am cured. this is a long process, if you are relapsing, expect between 1-2 years. took me 16 months.
  7. Robane

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    This is a great post that I will be referring to later. I'm just posting here so it would be easier for me to find this post in the future.

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