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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by BreakfreeUK, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. BreakfreeUK

    BreakfreeUK New Member

    Hello people,

    One of my primary motivations of abstaining from and removing porn from my life is to get rid of the horrendous brian fog i have been experiencing.

    When i came across ybop and no fap, i have heard of remarkable recoveries of lost mental functions, and im preying that this is the cause of my brain problems.

    For about two or three years now i have had a steady decline in mental functioning. It literally feels like part of my brain is shut off. What i have particulary noticed is a disctinct lack of the visual pictures in my minds eye. I tend to be a visual thinker so this is a big deal. Years ago i almost had a photographic memory.

    Im only on day 9 and i have noticed some increase in my mental fogginess.

    My question is have any of you guys experienced this loss of mental imagery problem, or general brain fog?
    Did it improve with time away from the PMO'ing?
    How long did it take to get back to normal.

    What im also unclear is the actual physiology aspect of how this brain fog develops. Is it to do with the depletion of D2? receptors? Or is it to do with the loss of all the minerals/vitamins in semen? Yes i know it sounds like a daggy question but im really interested in knowing how this stuff works.

    Any other tips for regaining the mental function other than abstaining? Supplements, diet, exercise etc?


  2. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson Active Member

    If you your brain has undergone addiction-related brain changes, then this is exactly what you should expect. During withdrawal, stress hormones (CRF) rise which inhibit dopamine, as does a molecule called dynorphin - which also inhibits dopamine. Low dopamine =concentration problems and anxiety. Tow common withdrawal symptoms.

    This page is packed with info on desensitization (low dopamine & dopamine receptors)
    Desensitization: A Numbed Pleasure Response

    Also -
    I quit using porn and now I feel worse. Is this normal?

    What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?
  3. BreakfreeUK

    BreakfreeUK New Member

    Thanks for that gary.

    In the quote i realised i made a typo. I actually meant to say i've noticed an increase in clarity. Oh the irony. Im obviously still suffering from some brain fog!

    Thanks for making the site , im sure it is helping a great number of people by empowering them to make their own choices.
  4. BreakfreeUK

    BreakfreeUK New Member

    Also on reading the above articles a couple of questions came to mind.

    If it is the elevated levels of dopamine that cause the desensitisation , by blocking the D2 receptors is it therefore possible for multiple addictions to re- inforce each other.

    ie the elevated dopamine levels found in porn viewing or edging, can this contribute to other addictions such as overeating, internet viewing, binge drinking.

    In myself ive noticed the same sort of craving across the board with different addictions.

    If i quit the porn am i just going to get my dopamine fix from somewhere else?

    Would a successful reboot include also excluding the other dopamine raising activities too?

    What does a truly balanced brain/lifestyle look like?
  5. BreakfreeUK

    BreakfreeUK New Member

    My apologies, the information actually is the articles above. My minds all over the place at the moment, jumping from one thing to the next.
  6. InsideOut

    InsideOut Guest

    I think so. And quitting the one addiction may lead to more obsession with other addiction or to an acquiring a new one.

    Undoubtedly. You got the point.

    Seems like it prove my first statement :)

    Yes. From your life in general.

    Excluding addictive activities and ones with unproportional mental reward (ones you're sensitized yourself to). But in general, no, you should do the opposite. If you exclude all good things you will simply end in clinical depression.

    The one that suits you best.

    Consider practicing meditation. It really helps. Sometimes — I'm not that good in it yet :)
  7. BreakfreeUK

    BreakfreeUK New Member

    Thanks for that.

    Did some meditation yesterday and today. I noticed i slept a lot better yesterday night. Awoke more refreshed.
  8. InsideOut

    InsideOut Guest

    Looks like you make a great progress :) I started to see any positive effects of it after something about a week of daily practice or even more.
  9. Kuruwin

    Kuruwin New Member

    I don't want to make a new thread so i just ask if wanted to get into meditation what would be best way to start. I borrowed a book once to get started but it didn't do anything to me (it was awful book)
  10. InsideOut

    InsideOut Guest

    I began with meditation on nothingness, but it's very hard, to be honest. Now I concentrate on breating at the beginning and then try to clear my mind completely.
  11. BreakfreeUK

    BreakfreeUK New Member

    The problem in starting out in meditation is the plethora of information out there on what meditation is and what it's purpose is.

    There are so many ways to do it.

    My advice is to keep it simple.

    The shared component of most methods is some kind of concentration on some object. It could be counting or the breath. Just choose an object and keep returning to it when your mind wonders. Just be non judgmental when it arises.

    A popular method of meditation made popular by john kabat zinn is called mindfulness. It about being fully present in each moment.

    Or google "mindfulness in plain english".

    My advice based on my own experience is to keep it simple and brief. Don't try to achieve anything. Just 15 mins or 10 mins will be enough to begin with.

  12. InsideOut

    InsideOut Guest

    Yeah, I've had a hard time finding info on "casual", non-religious or mystical meditation.

    A few times I concentrated on neon light on my electric socket, lol. And it worked :D Also I heard that sometimes small rocks are used to concentrate on them. To generalise, every single separated object is suitable.

    For me, mindfulness is even more hard to do than concentration on nothingness. Also, I found this: Quite helpful, on my opinion.

    But no minutes at all are better ;)
  13. BreakfreeUK

    BreakfreeUK New Member

    This is quite a good overall summary of meditation types;

    Also some check out the side links.
  14. High_Achiever

    High_Achiever New Member

    I've found exercise to be the best mood lifter. I highly encourage it, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can break this brain fog with excercise.

    Cardiovasculair excercise seems to be the most effective.
  15. Kuruwin

    Kuruwin New Member

    Thanks for everyone. I tried to meditate last night. Couldn't obviously shut my brains yet but at least end of the session (15-20 minutes) there was a lot less chatter.

    And yeah....i had the same exact problem that InsideOut. The book that i read for example was written by some pro christian guy. He even boldly claimed that meditation doesn't do anything if you don't have god in mind.
  16. Mystery

    Mystery New Member

    Wow. Great tips on meditation. To stick with the topic, while rebooting eventually helps remove brain fog, so does meditation.
  17. InsideOut

    InsideOut Guest

    As an atheist I can say that you're not able to have god in any place despite of your head ;) But I'm agree with that to some degree. You have to be self-aware and reflective as well as able to control your thoughts prior to begin practicing meditation. All these traits can be seen as godly presence in metaphor.

    Then I will do it right now. Because I have no brain, only fog right now :D

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