BOOYAH. 105 day reboot!

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by NoFapForever, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. NoFapForever

    NoFapForever New Member

    I did it! I Did it! I went 105 days without any pmo.

    Now Im not trying to sound like a Tucker Max. So shh. But During my 105 day reboot I had sex with 4 different girls. Now Ill admit by saying this wasn't the best sex,, nor did I even get fully hard until I started reaching the last part of my reboot. But it did build my sexual confidence! Prior to this I was heavily addicted to porn for 5 plus years. ZERO sex, I would edge and binge all day everyday until the tip of my dick was raw. During this 5 years of PMO binges the few chances I did get to get in bed with girls.. I had absolutely no movement down there what so ever. It was excuse after excuse,,, Im not ready.. Im to tired, can we wait till the morning. It was BRUTAL.

    It wasn't until I found Ybop that everything suddenly clicked. Death grip, Binges, Porn, Extreme porn.. For fuck sake I thought I was turning gay!

    What I deal with now is a little performance anxiety from all my previous failed attempts. How ever, tonight I went to one of my friends with benefits house - Whom I picked up online during the reboot, too test the reboot! I was a little nervous going there & almost bailed on her like I had done in the past but I told my self,, I need to do this so I can get more comfortable in these types of situations. To end the story... I just relaxed, had fun. We had sex in the missionary position with her legs around my head, then doggy style. 20 minutes after we finished that,, she gave me head again & I was able to bust again.

    What may make my story different from others is that I don't have too much trouble actually picking up the girls, it was actually going through with the deed that was killing me.. for years.. and years.. and years. I also did deal with social anxiety a bit because I felt like a reborn virgin for so long. Not no more!

    PLEASE. If you have have any questions.. Do not hesitate to ask me. Ill still say that Im not recovered. But I am recovering.

    Ps.. if any one has a cure for wiskey dick, that doesn't involve drink less that would be awesome as well lol..

    Thank you YBOP.
  2. fixme

    fixme New Member

    How did you handle the performance anxiety? I believe that I'm rebooted but my last 6 attempts at sex have resulted in pre-mature ejaculation. Still have a bit of ED but with Cialis and the use of my hand, it is hard enough for penetration.

    When you had sex, did you need manual stimulation or were you erect just by making out? I was cuddling in bed with a cute girl last night but had no reaction in downstairs which really bothers me.
  3. Dre93

    Dre93 New Member

    Congrats man I feel like a proud dad lol, I think your right in terms of not fully recovered I think your on the last stage, the stage I like to call PUSSYTIME! aka rewire.
    Also you've inspired me further, im only 51 days in, my erection are slowly returning not strong yet but improving, no morning wood but hey im going for 90 days so plenty of time for improvement,CONGRATS AGAIN MAN!
  4. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    how does it feel getting totally turned on by a woman?
  5. Journey

    Journey New Member

    I have a specific body type that turns me on - very feminine and curvy and firm tits and ass. I find only about 3% of women attractive, and hate it.

    Did you ever have a fixation like this? Did it go away?

    Congratulations man :)
  6. Invictus01

    Invictus01 New Member

    You story sounds exactly like mine... hopefully the ending will be the same too...
  7. Trem11

    Trem11 New Member

    I've taken a photo of this story on my phone do everytime I feel frustrated and like I'm going mad I'll look at this and espire like this guy! EXCELLENT STORY!
  8. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Active Member

    Did you used Viagra for the first attempts on sex? I'm considering it.
  9. Trem11

    Trem11 New Member

    How far you into your reboot? I think using Viagra gives you even more anxiety if I'm honest! But I know how nerve racking the situation is to us.

    I end up going 2 weeks of pmo then I end up relapsing, it's the boredom at the weekends and having so much time to my self! I'll have to work a way to crack it
  10. NoFapForever

    NoFapForever New Member

    Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while.

    I did not and still have not taken Viagra to have sex. Im to scared on becoming dependent on it.

    The way I try to cure my performance anxiety is to just take control of the situation. Act like a sexual boss, act like you have sex all the time, youre a pro & you know what youre doing. Be so focused on pleasing her, rather then your self and that should take away some fears. Girls like to be dealt with, if that make sense.

    Even if your having trouble getting hard during sex, your tongue and fingers can never fail you. ;) Use them to your advantage.
  11. You have the most awesome name dude. I should be on around day 41 or something, but I just recently had a slight relapse that I think I should count and reset my days. Still though, ever since I undertook this journy i'm climbing out of hell slowly but surely. I'm actually socializing, dressing better, and I've gone on a few dates. That shit never happened when I was too depressed from PMO.

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