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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by hollow, Nov 28, 2016.

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    If you have ever heard of a member here called hollow that you would have possibly came across one of the worst and hopeless cases in this forum.

    12 years of highly addictive behaviours, not less than 6 years trying to give up with no success. Thousands spent on psychiatrists and medications with no success. Till I finally found the way out. I have been away from porn now for around 15 months and hopefully for good. Having sex has become a natural thing, I am not having problems to get turned on or maintain an erection. And as a human being, you are not expected to be always ready to perform, so sometimes I may ejaculate quickly or one a while I may not feel too turned on, just drop a Cialis pill and have sex in half an hour I feel my girl into it now.

    My success story is very long and will include loads of useful tips. I am busy now at work but I ll be back soon to write it all in details.

    For now my quick message to everyone who is hopeless, believes there is no way out and he has got trapped in porn for ever, addiction has become matter of fact, and PIED is an sustainable problem. There Is A Way Out!
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    I look forward to you writing more, Hollow.
  3. Me too. I had a problem also. I wasn't able to get hard while a girl I wasn't particularly attracted to gave me a blow job. The thing which freaked me out was that I didn't feel anything. Like nothing!!!!!!! Probably because of a death grip. Fast forward 50 days of NO PMO and I came 2x in the same girl's mouth in 2 days.
    Sensation wasn't incredible, but the mare fact that I was able to get hard and cum was a sign of improvement for me.

    Hope things will get even better.

    NO PMO for me is a lifestyle.
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