Before and After No PMO Effects (Dont lose sight)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Hipkid, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Hipkid

    Hipkid New Member

    Can we get a thread going that shows consequences of PMO vs benefits of no PMO?

    Just a thread to remind users how they felt when they would PMO and how they feel now since no PMO.

    Some no fappers may lose sight of why they are abstaining or may not even remember how bad of a rut they were in a mere few weeks ago.

    By comparing negative past experiences with new positive experiences, viewers can see EXACTLY why they shouldnt go back to PMO and why they should abstain.

    Here are just a few ( hope to get alot of input from you guys):
    KEY: Then vs Now

    -PMO was a vicious cycle that made me feel hopeless and guilty VS now I have hope for a brigther future of unlimited possibilities

    -I wasnt intersted in women at all and I never became horny in their presences VS now I feel horny all the time around them, I fantasize about real women and I want to be sexual with

    -Consistent MO made me feel drained of energy and motivation and hurt my penis like hell VS now my penis feels like its should, not drained and constantly hurting due to death grips

    -Because I wasnt interested in women (just pornography), my body didnt send the right cues in order to attract them. I didnt try to impress them through body language, vocal tone, confidence VS now since I AM more interested in women, I find that my body instinctively wants to impress women through alpha male body language (standing with feet apart, chest out), my vocal tone is deeper, my gazes are deeper more intense and penetrative

    -Before I viewed women as just sex objects and didnt particularly want to connect with them (I didnt see the benefit of this). My brain was constantly clouded with porn images and my penis was always drained. I wanted sex at anytime just for the sake of it even though I knew it wouldnt be fulfilling. I just wanted to fuck the brains out of any girl again just for the sake of it. VS Ha well while that still holds true, I value connecting with women now and getting to know them as unique human beings which makes sex that much more better and intimate.

    Please guys, just a thread to show those who are flatlining and those who lose sight why they should never turn back. Keep it going!
  2. newday323

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    For me it's simple. Constant PMO meant for years that I couldn't get or stay hard during sex. And even on a rare occasion when I did succeed in getting hard, I wouldn't enjoy the sex because I'd be nervous as hell that I would lose it and I would have to run images of porn through my brain just to stay aroused. It was distant, empty sex and I felt like shit because of it.

    Earlier this year I stopped porn for a while, and for the first time in my life I had good sex and I had it consistently. For the first time I actually enjoyed sex and felt confident about it. I felt intimate with my partner rather than numbed out and distant. All my anxiety around sex just kind of washed away.

    For me, being able to have great sex and not rely on two dimensional women to get off in a cheap, empty way is more than enough to justify the challenge of leaving porn addiction behind.
  3. Hipkid

    Hipkid New Member

    A more than noble decision for a great reason! Thanks for your post!
  4. For me, the film Limitless is a good portrait of the difference, though not as extreme, and the film is not about porn obviously.
  5. Hipkid

    Hipkid New Member

    Haha good connection. Ive only briefly seen the movie though.

    Can you explain why you chose the movie Limitless for those who haven't seen it?
  6. In Limitless, the main protagonist stumbles upon a drug that unlocks his full potential. Don't worry this is not a spoiler. When he takes it, he suddenly has a drive to get things done. He knows what needs doing, and how to do it. Even his mood picks up, which you can see in the cinematography. When he's not on the drug, everything is drab. There's a lot more to it, but this should give anyone thinking of watching it the gist.
  7. gardenman

    gardenman New Member

    Ability to get things done only when seriously concentrating VS ability to get things done whenever and without it causing much stress to me

    Not really enjoying sex and having a rather frustrating experience VS enjoying it, being able to relax and just go with it.

    Always feeling rushed (like I only have 2-4 hours to do things before having to PMO agian) VS not feeling rushed or constrained by anything.
  8. Hipkid

    Hipkid New Member

    Yes I hope everyone feels limitless as they progress!

    Take a look at Invictus' journal. Im only on page 3 but its really motivating!
  9. Hipkid

    Hipkid New Member

    Yes i definitely have gotten all of these changes. I especially like number 3 on your list. Time seems to have slowed down maybe because I am not watching porn and wasting all of it. I even wake up early as hell like 4-5am and have so much energy at these times.

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