40 Years Old and Trying to Unwire

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by CJLove, Sep 18, 2016.

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    Got through the day and night no problem. Good nights sleep, as soon as a single bad thought entered my mind I switched gears to get off it.

    Of course, this happens every time I refocus and work to double down on my commitment to sobriety, so not surprising. If nothing else though, it has gotten much easier to do over time. I can currently go many days, weeks, even a month sober without white knuckling it and fighting and scraping through each day. That's real progress in my view. What I can't do is continue it for a very long extended period to the point where I'm not even that enticed by this junk anymore. To do that would be almost miraculous, but I'm striving for it.

    Harvester - thanks for your kind words and support. As with anything, having a plan and preparing is always better than "winging it" - I should practice at home what I preach at work in terms of executing a strategy. Sounds like it has worked very well for you!
  2. No problem, CJL. It's weird...I'm at a point right now where I don't really actively have a plan other than deleting all the crap and just steering clear of being alone for long periods. I really credit most of my success to just an overall awareness of how much this damned addiction has cost me in lost hours, lost relationships, lost opportunities. It only took me 20 years to get there but it finally really sank in that nothing was going to change for the better unless I changed my behavior. The downside is that I've developed some new bad habits to act as a surrogate (drinking too much, prescription pills) and I need to deal with that now. Absolutely no question that, for me, these other issues are NOWHERE near as difficult to get under control as the porn was. So the two steps forward one step back nature is entirely tolerable for me. Ultimately, you have to understand where you are in the addiction and understand what is going to help you and what isn't. I wish we could all wave a magic wand and just make it go away (and, actually, to some extent that has happened to me! - thank you Jesus) but that's not reality. And honestly and truly it really is the case that getting these small victories over and over even with relapses just totally sets you up for long-term success. Peace man and keep it up!
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    Another day down, focused, locked, and loaded. Again, always easy in the early going (now....not so in the past) but need to be vigilant about potential traps coming down the line.

    I have never tried meditation, do like yoga but havent done it in ages, and have generally gotten away from anything spiritual (prayer, going to church, introspection) over the last many years - clearly it seems as if many others on this board who have found success have embraced many of these facets of life that I have seemingly overlooked or ignored. I dont have a ton of free time in any week to devote to these but would welcome any suggestions along these lines.

    Onward and upward!

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