3 Years of recovery

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Goldybrar, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    Hi,It's been 3 years to me on this page.My age is 28 now started reboot in 2013.My story will be motivating for those who has been here for long period and they don't see any recovery.I was porn addict from age 15 to 24.At age 24 what I found weak erection,depression,anxiety,mood swing,headache,too much ejaculation craving,premature ejaculation,weight loss,weakness,low confidence.After searching on web I found this page and aligned my all the problems with porn.After 2 year of reboot I still had all these problems.
    Now I planned to get my blood test and what I found.
    Low testosterone
    High TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone)
    Low vitamin D
    High cholesterol
    High Prolactin.(if your prolactin is high you get difficulty in maintaining erection)
    Acid reflux(which give rise to bad mood and extreme headache)

    After one year of medication these all are in normal range.Erections are back,anxiety gone.
    Still on medication getting better each day.
    From last 8 months I also did cold hip bath packed with ice which helps to strengthen penis muscles.Trust me it was helpful.30 minutes of sitting each day.And yes I don't have premature ejaculation now,from my experience it will go away by having slow sex and do it as much as you can.You will gain control over time.

    If you are in reboot for long time and see no recovery get your hormones checked.
    Check this website also peaktestostosterone.com

    Good luck
  2. wecandothis

    wecandothis Member

    Congrats man,great news. What medication are you on? Did visit an endocrinologist?
  3. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    Yes I visited endocrinologist.
    I'm taking 50mg levothyroxine.
    Afro-Q,Neurobiome forte and afro Tab plus vitamin D (activ D).
  4. gladiatore

    gladiatore New Member

    What are afro-Q and afro Tab for?
    Didn' t you need a testosterone therapy for low T?
  5. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    Both are for sexual regain and also increase testosterone.They basically contains vitamins.Aftrotab is for diminished libido.Afro Q contains zinc,L carnitine and lycopene.
  6. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    Endocrinologist only prescribed me afrotab and Afro Q.My testosterone jumbed from 306 to 550 in just 2.5 month.No other therapy for low T.
  7. gladiatore

    gladiatore New Member

    What about your cholesterol?
    I have it high too and I am scared it is related to an hormonal imbalance.
  8. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    My doctor told cholesterol are elevated due to hypothyroid.He did not prescribed any medicine for cholesterol.My triglycerides and total cholesterol were high and now are in normal range because of thyroid is in normal range.
  9. gladiatore

    gladiatore New Member

    Thank you for your answers. I m happy for you.
  10. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    would it be better to go without treatment and accept low testosterone as part of you? also i did not understand whether you have completely owned your porn addiction, do you still masturbate?

    masturbation and testosterone supplements can together cause problems, least when it falls out of hand.
  11. irvin

    irvin Member

    Hi, im happy for your success! Its been almost 2.5 years since i started my reboot. Havent watched porn nor masturbated ever since, all Orgasms came from intercourse with the same girl im still with. Got checked by urologists, endocrinologist, cardiologists everyone saying im perfectly healthy. Had a hard mode for 3+ months, and several hard modes of 1 month. Eating nutty food, exercising and having cold showers. Im all inclusive, yet still minor improvements only. As for my past, i had previous sexual experience of 3 years, constantly with short refractory periods, no PE at all, and ragging erections. Then PMO (once per day) for 8 months (nothing hardcore) led me to this.
    Now after 2.5 years, i kinda get erection from cuddling (lose it quickly though) and i got extreme PE which i never had before the addiction. I kinda feel reassured when i see others with long recovery period. Thank you for the article man :)
  12. xburnerphonex

    xburnerphonex Member

    Could you elaborate on this? I would like to prepare for potential PE post reboot later down the line.

    Also, congratulations on getting your issues sorted.
  13. Peppele

    Peppele New Member

    I'd also like to hear more about this

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