24yo, Erection issue,need your help guys ?

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  1. themajicman

    themajicman New Member

    Hello everyone. Actually I'm very happy to see forums and topics that created to raise awareness against Pornography. Excuse me for my English, it's not my native language.
    6 months ago I began to experience erection issues after varicocele surgery

    Here I will tell you my story in breif :

    I am 24 yo , physically fit, I've not been in a sexual relationship because of cultural and religious reasons. I have been watching porn since 13 yo. a few months ago after varicocele surgery, I started to realize that i had erection issues. I couldn't get up without manual stimulation even when with porn. i thought it was all normal. If i touched it a very simple way, the erection would stay, but as soon as I stop stimulating , I lose it in a few seconds. concerning morning wood, i consistently get semi hard when i wake up like 60% erection. I've never heard about hard mode that's why I went to a famous urologist and told him the story. He was never convinced that I have something physical and told me it's all in my head. Then examined my genitals to detect if there's peyronie's disease and told there's nothing wrong me, then checked some blood work and my hormones and results came pretty fine (T +720). When I ordered the penile doppler, he refused to do it claiming that I had no suspected issue and no need to do it. I recently got to know about PIED which seems the psychological ED. I'm now on my Day-4 on HardMode. I feel little energetic. have urgesbut resist and I'm seriously willing to stop porn and masturbation. Anyone had the same experience, any advice about this issue, any recommendations?? would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. matthewmammothrept

    matthewmammothrept Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, welcome to the site! Never struggled with PIED myself, but from hearing from others I can tell you that sometimes it takes a while to reverse, even up to a year. So be patient! It will slowly heal if you are consistent in staying away from porn. Wish you the best on your reboot!
  3. themajicman

    themajicman New Member

    Hi ..Thank you my friend but I would like to know from guys who finally get out of that trap.
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  4. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    You wired to porn for 11 years...give it time, you're not going to see results on Day 4, dude.

    Keep going and give it a few months to see results (no porn, no masturbation, no orgasms), and don't worry about it, if your problem is related to PIED then you will recover in time. If your condition is related to the surgery then a Dr will help you.

    Don't stress out, just follow the process.
    Porn is highly addictive for some of us and can cause erection problems, rest assured this is real.
  5. Pollard

    Pollard New Member

    Welcome to the board. As others say just be patient.
  6. Mcgregor

    Mcgregor Member

    Hey Bro,

    just read success guides from this site, also try yourbrainonporn, bestofnofap etc.
    There are guys, who gives you the Solution for all of your problems.

    Give yourself time. If you follow the rules, you will get out of it.

    Wish you the best!
  7. shattered

    shattered Member

    Sir, I've been on this forum and a predecessor forum for years, and one thing that I always thought would be helpful is if there was a "normal" person on the board who never had PIED issues, so we could get a sense of what it's like to be "normal". Are you by chance such a person? I'm asking because you mentioned you never had PIED.

    My status: porn is history, no problem there.
    I have had an MO habit since 13, and have never really kicked it.
    I have morning wood fine now.
    I never feel libido or drive, but I have gotten erections when in bed with attractive women. (when didn't care if I got erect or not)
    I'm currently trying to simultaneously give up MO and alcohol. I'm about a week into it.
    Like others, the feeling that something is wrong with me consumes me. I'm almost certain that it's my MO habit that caused my problems, although I sometimes blame Accutane which I took decades ago. I will say some people on this forum have helped convince me that it's my MO habit. Since I've never given up MO more than 3 months, I figure I owe it to myself to give it up for a year to finally figure it out.
  8. Mcgregor

    Mcgregor Member

    Hey Bro,

    I have plenty of friends with no PIED.
    Mostly they made their first sexual experience in a relative young age around 15 years old. So they didnt fap for a long time, which brings all the negative sideaffects from Porn/excessive masturbation etc. They made real sexual experience, which helps not getting performance anxiety by all this porn industry pictures. I read about PIED which is stronger by less real sexual experience. Moreover you should check your nutrition, lifestyle. It helped me a lot to broke the ice with Viagra/Cialis on my ex girl friend with real sex. Therefore you should ask a doctor.
  9. Mcgregor

    Mcgregor Member

    Excuse me for my bad english. I am no native speaker and write this by my phone.
  10. matthewmammothrept

    matthewmammothrept Administrator Staff Member

    Well I don't claim to be "normal." I started MOing very young, and was a prone masturbator for decades. It's a surprise actually that I never had problems with PIED. But I can tell you how I differ from that list you kindly supplied us with.

    1. I've only been using porn for over a decade. Before that, I masturbated to my imagination or to lingerie catalogs.
    2. I get morning wood every morning too.
    3. I have a high libido. Sexual thoughts of any kind can trigger an erection. I haven't had the chance to check whether I am responsive to real people lately, but as of 4 years ago I had no problem, and that was before I started rebooting, so I can't imagine I would have developed PIED in the meantime.
    4. I am more able to appreciate women for who they are rather for how they look. I am more interested in personalities than just their bodies.

    This is not comprehensive, but it is all I can think of at the moment. I will add more if I think of it. This is just me, however... remember everybody's journey is different.

    If you are trying to reverse PIED, I would focus on getting rid of porn above all things, rather than just MO. Remember, PIED is caused by your brain mistakenly wiring itself towards porn over real people. So you need to cut out porn completely to start reversing the process. Quitting MO as well as P can help... reboots seems to go faster when people completely abstain but remember that if you do not cut out the P you won't make much progress.

    Hope this helps, and please keep us updated about your journey!

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