20 years old, ED (no PMO day 41)

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    I am 20 years old.
    Began masturbating to porn around 14. Escalated from photos, to videos, hardcore videos, etc.

    First noticed ED problems when I had first sexual experiences with girlfriend about a year and a half ago: couldn't get an erection, sex felt alien to me, stimulation from her giving me bj's didn't even feel good (and it was weird because in my head i was objectively attracted to her, but i just wasn't turned on).

    I was confused and worried, and somehow stumbled upon yourbrainonporn.com, which pretty much convinced me that my problem was porn related. I was too embarrassed to tell my girlfriend about problem, so she broke with me about 6 months ago because I kept failing to have intercourse with her.

    I have been trying to quit porn/masturbating for the past year, with stretches of no PMO ranging from 1 to 30 days, however I kept falling back into it.

    I am now on day 39 of no PMO (the furthest i have ever made it) and I am determined to fix myself. I have noticed several benefits since trying to quit: more confidence with girls, lots of morning wood, better focus.

    I have been feeling kinda of down lately because I have been having lots of insomnia, and have yet to fix my ED problems which is discouraging.

    My plan is to complete a 90 day reboot, and then begin rewiring with real women again.
  2. Dierection

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    DAY 42 NO PMO

    So I thought I'd share some more information about my reboot. I'd say for the past 20 days or so, I've been getting really hard morning woods, basically every morning. It's really awesome and I end up laying in bed with a hard-on for up to an hour, while I try to keep my brain from fantasizing (which is really frickin hard to do). I suspect that this may be bad for my reboot, so I try to get out of bed. However, my fantasizing is never about porn anymore, rather about girls I have met recently.

    Also, I have tested my erection strength maybe twice within the past 10 days (first 30 days i didn't touch it). I can basically get an erection immediately with light stroking and just a little fantasy. I can even get a condom (just for practice) and I actually noticed that it seems to sustain my erection even more by putting pressure on the base of the penis, keeping the blood flow in. It is actually sort of stimulating in itself (where I realize the opposite is true for most guys). Erection strength still isn't spectacular with stroking alone, and easily goes back down when stop stimulating.

    Let it be known that I am a virgin and I am doing this reboot in order to cure my Erectile dysfunction and be able to have REAL sex with women.

    I have a feeling that I am on the cusp of curing myself, and just need some sexual interaction in order to rewire. However, just to be sure I am going to carry out the 90 no PMO reboot first.

    I feel completely in control most of the time (of course I feel depressed a lot because i have ED at age 20), but it has taken a LONG time to get here. I've been trying to reboot for over a year now.

    This forum is great and has really helped me. I'll keep updating.
  3. pizzaman

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    nice work.
    I'm impressed with your recovery.
    I myself am now 31 days sober.
    That is very long for me.

    well I hope you keep going. It sounds like things are going well. i know what you mean about it being hard at times not to fantasize.
    Good luck!


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