18 Been fighting for 2 years (PIED)

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Kevin Scott, Dec 11, 2016.

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    So yeah I watched porn for the 3 day yesterday after a 24 day streak. I am lost as of what to do. I have had pied since I was 16 and it seriously just makes me not even want to flirt with women. After relapsing I feel dead, in social interactions I literally don't even feel human.

    Idk how to go about fully beating this. Iv'e physical activity, New Hobbies, PUA, Mindfulness meditation and the most iv'e made it in 2 years is 24 days. I'm stressed, I'm off to college next year (I literally took a year off because I didn't want to go to college and be how I am right now Literally dead inside with my social skill lacking and not being able to make meaningfull relationships with people (just so you know I have a good friend circle and I party a lot still so i'm not a total shut in)

    The only real thing I haven't tried is full blown cold showers (I did the james bond shower for a long time) and i'm honestly hoping that the key because I literally think iv'e tried everything (even therapy).

    The only other thing I plan on doing now is coming here everyday and posting. Wish me luck. Porn has destroyed me as a person.
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    Porn is a powerful opponent. You have to do all you can to destroy it in your life.

    If you can't control yourself, try shutting off your phone and computer or at least putting porn blockers on your devices. You need to get this junk out of your life.

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