10 Super Powers I obtained after I Quit PMO(10 year anniversary edition)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ChrisHaven, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. lookingforlove

    lookingforlove looking to have meaningful and satisfying sex

    Plenty of women care more about other things than looks (receding hairline). It is us men who care primarily about looks, women less so.
    Wow i am sorry to hear you sound so lost without hope. I really recommend seeking therapy in addition to just trying to quit porn on your own!
    I suspect the porn is just a coping mechanism to deal with greater issues.
    Also read the success stories! The successful guys ALL mention that
    social life are required.

    This isn't about quitting - it is about doing new things.

    (BTW i did and still do all the above things..... have quit porn for 4 years .....and started at 39. I think i am more attractive than I have ever been to women...and they seem to agree)
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    Great post, unfortunately I got married to a woman who was below my standards. I am trying to break free and know I have so much more potential. I could have been a contender

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