10 Super Powers I obtained after I Quit PMO(10 year anniversary edition)

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    Ever wondered what almost 10 years off pornography and masturbation looks and feels like?

    Next month(November) will mark my 10th year off PMO.

    I tell all my clients that being addicted to porn is one of the best things that could ever have happened to them. Countless great men had hidden addictions- a lot of them were sex related. Most of them harnessed them and used them to reach the greatest heights in their fields. Some changed the world. One of the dirty secrets of the most successful is that they have addictions for which they CHOOSE not to get diagnosed- they know very well what propels their success.

    This post neither condones nor condemns the habits and addictions of the successful. I'm just laying out some of the things that have happened to me- not all may be "good" for everyone.I hope this inspires some of you who may be feel frustrated with the journey.

    Here are handful of high achievers(more famous/prominent than the thousands of highly sexed achievers in the world today), who, when not having more sex than the average man, were changing the world or excelling and breaking boundaries in their respective fields.

    Arnold Schwartzenegger: Extremely high sex drive- possibly sex addiction.Was notorious for sleeping with hundreds of women. After his marriage to Maria Shriver, he continued having sex with multiple women outside of his relationship, culminating in having a child with his housekeeper. This is a man who came to the United States of America as a penniless immigrant, dominated in this field, became a millionaire before he made his first movie through his mail order and real estate businesses, became a top box office draw despite his thick Austrian accent, became the governor of California and now in his 60’s still pumps out movies, maintains an amazing physique and constantly creates new businesses.

    Martin Luther King: A great civil rights leader, but what is less known about him was his penchant for sleeping with women outside of his marriage.On a regular basis. It is common knowledge that during his tour of Europe with his entourage, they frequently engaged in group sex with white women.

    Mahatma Gandhi: When Gandhi embarked on his mission to free India from colonialism,he became celibate. He probably knew about the power of sexual transmutation. What is less known are his practices of testing his resilience to sexual arousal. It was reported that he would have young women sleep naked next to him to test his ability to withstand arousal. Gandhi had planned to write about these experiments, but was prevented from doing so by his entourage.

    Tiger Woods: Need I say more? It is no coincidence that men of great drive and ambition also have sex drives high enough to channel into amazing achievements. From my study of Tiger Woods, I don't believe he had "sex addiction", but he definitely had an enormous sex drive which could be channeled into his sport.

    I guarantee you that if high speed streaming online pornography was available to half these men, many of them would not have impacted the world the way they did.

    Till today, I still get weird looks and awkward silences when I mention to friends, acquaintances or even clients that I don’t watch porn or masturbate.

    It seems so absurd to them.

    I have a dirty little secret though:

    I feel superior to everyone else.
    What does this mean? It means, I experience a sense of overwhelming confidence and superiority to other men because I know I’m doing something which they cannot, or are not committed or self disciplined enough to do.

    This feeling grows every single year and quite honestly, it has made me a much happier person.

    You can experience that feeling too.

    Apart from super-confidence, there are a lot of other amazing things that have happened in my life since I gave up pornography. Most took a few years to develop while some appeared in a matter of weeks.

    Here are 10 “Super Powers” I gained from quitting porn.

    1) I became happier: Ridiculously happier. I used to be so depressed, angry and reactive while I was on pornography. I constantly felt sorry for myself and has a terrible “woe is me” little bitch attitude going on.
    Now I feel a constant baseline happiness or rather, JOY flowing through me daily. Of course, I still have bad days and challenges are always showing up in my life.
    The difference is that when I “check-in” with myself, the joy is always there.

    2) I became financially independent: I don’t talk much about money on this blog-there are plenty of sites that cover that(www.financialsamurai.com), but surveys have show that most guys stuck on PMO are in bad financial situations- especially the men who use cam sites and prostitutes. I spent a lot of money on porn, alcohol, weed, and other bad habits when I was addicted.I never seemed to be able to hold on to money, had no idea how to budget or balance a check book , had credit card debt and my back account was always overdrawn.
    Having a shitty budget and financial problems always comes hand in hand with porn addiction.Sure, there are well off men whose net worth and income is high enough to not be dented by their addiction, but its only a matter of time before the problem escalates financially.
    It took a few years to build this super power, but I became obsessed with three things:
    a) Increasing my earning potential by learning highly marketable skills
    b) Saving
    c) Investing
    Of these three, saving had been the single most effective means of increasing my “money superpower”. I became a saving fanatic. Not for the sake of saving, but for the rush I would get each time I would look at my saving account and watch the balance grow. Saving at a ridiculous rate allowed me to have money to invest when opportunities came my way. The discipline of saving allowed me to be cautious and always research an opportunity thoroughly before committing to it financially. I wanted wealth- for one simple reason: freedom. I wanted to live wherever I could, and not have to answer to anyone- ever.

    3) My standards improved: During the years I was hooked on pornography, my sex life was dismal. It slowly improved as I dedicated time to learning how to meet and attract women.The women I had sex with during this time were either unattractive, or had serious personal issues. Some were bipolar, many more were very promiscuous. As time went by, and my experience with women increased, I became very picky about the women I dated and had casual sex with.
    This eliminated drama from my life and I surrounded myself with only quality women. Of course, when I was stuck on porn, “quality” was only determined by looks. Now, there are very strict criteria for women in my life.

    4) I developed self discipline: Quitting porn will teach you how to restrain your actions. It will teach you how to train your impulsive instincts and choose rational actions all the time.
    Self discipline set me apart from everyone around me and it will do the same for you. I hate sleeping 4-5 hours a night. I hate working 80 hours a week. I hate studying endless scholarly journals and research on the effects of pornography and sex addiction. But every morning, I wake up to a dark sky at 4am, workout, go for a run, meditate, visualize, write my goals out, read for an hour and sit down at my laptop to work. Every single day without fail.

    5) I became a sex machine: This is one “super power” that I am still currently researching. Like most men who were addicted to porn, when I resumed having regular sex, I experienced embarrassing issues with porn induced erectile dysfunction.
    However, I kept on having sex, while working on it. Maybe my brain rewired itself differently, maybe its the endless kegel variations I perform daily, but I can on occasion, ejaculate on command and in every sexual situation, except if I am extremely exhausted, ejaculate multiple times- my record being sixteen times in one session(without the help of any drugs).

    6) I lost my Anxiety: Everyone is born with anxiety. The difference between people with seemingly low anxiety and people with a lot of anxiety is their awareness of their anxiety and whether they have a positive or negative history with anxiety.I personally suffered from crippling social anxiety and porn made it infinitely worse. There were months where I was literally a hermit.
    While I took deliberate steps to overcome my anxiety, quitting porn and masturbation literally made me horny enough to talk to women. There were days when I was so aroused, that I would meet women in the day and try to bring them home with me( key word is "try) . It was a while until I was able to pull this off successfully, but once I did and learned how to do so consistently, my self confidence soared.

    7) I found purpose:
    I’ve never been a fan of the airy-fairy bullshit promoted by self-help gurus that you need to find your “passion and purpose”. If everyone found their passion, there would be no one to pick up our garbage, serve us food, clean the streets and offices, or make iphones in China and designer clothes in a sweatshop in Bangladesh.
    Purpose and passion are luxuries. Quitting porn will give you the freedom to DECIDE what you want as your purpose. You can literally pick any field of work, find good enough logical reason to pursue it, and channel your energy into it. Quitting porn taught me that ACTION CREATES MOTIVATION.
    You may read this article and get motivated, but make no mistake- the action you will take after the article is what will fuel the motivation for the long term. As the weeks of my recovery from pornography turned into months, and the super powers became more obvious, I became motivated to reveal more of these powers. My action was propelling me forward. My action was making me passionate. My action revealed a new purpose, which was becoming the best person I could become- something I always WISHED for but was never driven enough to accomplish.

    8 I became stronger:
    Not just stronger, but more aggressive. I learned how to channel the now higher levels of testosterone I had allowed into my body into emotion. Sometimes the emotion was rage, sometimes it was desire and sometimes it was joy. Whichever it was, I was a beast in the gym and I realized that the energy that made me act out and watch porn no matter the cost. That formula of trigger-adrenaline spike-emotion could be channeled into building my physical strength.
    I remember guys in the gym stronger than me wondering how I was so strong even though I didn’t have as much muscle mass as they did.

    9) I stopped giving a fuck:
    Once I became stronger, created a purpose for myself, mastered my anxiety, started making more money than I had ever made in my life, became a born again sex machine, and stopped having sex with women below my looks and attitude threshold, I automatically unlocked the” don’t give a fuck” super power.
    So what exactly is not giving a fuck? Well, it not bravado- false bravery. Its reaching a state in your life where you’ve decided to achieve certain things or DIE. I knew that if I didn’t quit porn, I might as well be dead. Confidence is gained by beating your craving for porn thousands of times.I built up enough skills and superpowers to have the INNATE confidence that I could handle anything that life threw at me. I had paid the price- and I am still paying the price to stand among MEN
    When I started writing about quitting porn, some of my friends though I was insane to talk about porn addiction- especially mine. They thought I was crazy to do “internet stuff like blogging”. When I sold my shares in the sales training company I was involved in to focus on helping men quit pornography full time, my entire family was sure I had gone nuts.
    I didn’t care. Quitting pornography gave me access to the only things that mattered in life-why would I care about what the world thinks?

    10) I became capable of loving: This was the most painful and powerful of all the superpowers.
    As the years flew by, I began to see how my porn use had closed me off to others. I wore a thick armor around my emotions to protect me from being hurt. I thought it made me a badass.
    I was wrong. Deep inside all men is the power to love- to care for other beings unconditionally. This is the most misunderstood superpower of all. “Love” is a word thrown around callously. Quitting porn allowed me- for brief moments, at least- to empathize more deeply with the pain than other human beings felt.
    When I was addicted to porn, I didn’t care about the people on the screen engaging in porn- all I cared was that it got me off.
    If you’ve ever wondered how a human being can violently rape and kill another human, look no further that the mirror. Pornography is systematically desensitizing you to critical parts of your biology which promote bonding, family and healthy social interactions. It is hyper-sensitizing the parts of your brain which respond to violence and sexual violence.
    To truly be a man, you need to be able to balance both the dark and the light in your life.

    As the years go by perhaps I will uncover more “super powers”, but for now I say with much confidence that my addiction pornography was a blessing in disguise.

    What are some of the “super powers” you have gained from quitting porn?
  2. viclui33

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    How long did it take you to start noticing the "super powers"??

    Im on day 15 of quitting P and M
  3. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Wow this was an incredible read. I have a few questions.

    1.) How do you feel about porn now?
    2.) If there was a super hot prostitute you can afford, why won't you go for it?
    3.) Does sex feel way better than porn? How long before that happened?
  4. ChrisHaven

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    1) I am fine with porn. I've been exposed to it a few times over the last few years- absolutely no reaction. I never watch it long enough when accidentally exposed to have a biological response.
    2) Your are asking this question because you are still hooked on PMO.I can afford escorts, but I have no interest in them for four reasons:
    a) I now have Game and can speak and pick up an attractive woman whom I have a connection with. I prefer the challenges.
    b) As I stated in my superpowers, I have become more compassionate- most sex workers have no choice and many are exploited
    c) The risk is no longer worth it. I help men overcome porn and sex addiction for a living- getting involved with that would be a betrayal to my clients
    d) I no longer find known sex workers or porn actors attractive. That died in me over the years.
    3) YES! Sex is INFINITELY better than porn. I can't say exactly, but I'd estimate about four months after I quit PMO. It was on and off.Sometimes my ED would screw it up and sometimes I just couldn't perform. The few times I did have good sex in the first year were enough to convince me that quitting PMO was worth it
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  5. Great post.

    1) Sixteen times in a day? For real? I find that hard to believe. Can you elaborate more on that topic?

    2)Can you tell us about your kegel exercises? What type of those do you do? Give us some insights.

    3)Is it even possible to sleep 4-5 hours a day and work that much in a gym without it taking a toll on your health?
  6. ChrisHaven

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    1) Sixteen times in one sexual encounter- as I stated, this was a record- nothing I tried to achieve on purpose- it just happened. The majority of them were dry ejaculations, but the orgasms were continuous. Please be aware that this was achieved after 6+ years of kegels and various exercises.
    2) There are plenty of resources on the internet relating to kegels. The two things that hold 90% of guys back with reaching their "PC muscle potential" is self discipline and consistency
    3) Yes, it is not uncommon. There are many people who sleep less than 5 hours a day- Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson( 4 hours of sleep/ night, working out daily, grueling travel and filming schedule), P Diddy, Arianna HUffington( before she sold her company and be came pro-sleep), etc.
    However, these were the benefits I chose to capitalize on. I'm not a doctor and I don't recommend 4-5 hours of sleep for anyone. In my case, I was an underachiever for many years due to PMO. I am playing "catchup" with my life , running multiple businesses, etc.
  7. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
  8. ChrisHaven

    ChrisHaven Member

    I'm 31 years old.
  9. Mendoza

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    Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. :)

    I wonder if FEAR of success is a monster that can be overcome with the confidence of having recovered several months from porn. Fear can block initiative, killing any potential from the get-go. Be this a desire to give in a great project, which winds up a mediocre effort when fear holds me back until the very last minute, forcing me to do a rush job. Or with women... being afraid to come across as too forward and thus losing a chance to ever see the woman again at an event...
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  10. Doublestream

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    Hi, Nice post. Enjoyed reading it.

    May I ask which of these benefits were there right from the beginning, and which of them took years to develop?

    I have quit porn about 3 years ago. Now, after these years, the changes I'm experiencing are much more subtle.
  11. Robane

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    Great post! I also have to start waking up at 4am. I find that I get a lot more work done in the first half of the day while the sun is still up (or about to come up in the early morning). But once the sun set, my energy levels and motivation decline.
  12. Prodigy_92

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    This is just what I needed to see. I've been on and off for 4 years trying to reboot. My record only being 45 days. But no more. It's time I take my life back and unlock these "super powers"!
  13. jack91

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    I dont know what to say. It's a shame your preachings didnt come to me earlier on. Lots of us lose so much to porn. Porn lifestyle was very taxing for me.

    How did you stop porn without having an absolute proof of its ill effects? Did you just suddenly drop it?
    I cant understand how someone could do it without being absolutely sure that its indeed the cause for much of our worries. I myself ever could stop porn on a whim.
    How could i? Years long withdrawals, head tremors, fatigue, lethargia and god knows many more symptoms. No one stops porn naturally but somehow you did ?
  14. Invictus23

    Invictus23 Member

    Hey, I'm interested in your program.

    I just have a couple of questions regarding your habits:
    1. Do you still masturbate? It sounds like you have sex a lot now but say that you weren't able to have sex for several months, would you masturbate or fully abstain?
    2. What exactly do you class as pornography?

  15. Freedom from Servitude

    Freedom from Servitude Active Member

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing your post outlining your experience. I have been sober for about 7 months now and haven't noticed much in the way of improvement in my symptoms. My main motivation for giving up porn was to tackle my sometimes crippling anxiety and depression. Despite taking a proactive approach in my recovery and pushing myself in different ways, I have not made much progress on this front. Did you suffer badly of low mood during the recovery process and how long did it take to clear up? I know that it doesn't mean much to compare each other's journeys, but posts like yours really give hope to those of us who are taking longer to see results.
  16. BackOnTrack

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    I always wondered how people with sex addiction can be that sucessful. Since if you really got it, it makes you depressed af.
  17. Gondapa

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    So if youre now 31 and you stopped for 10 years, it means you stopped at 21. So how long were you PMO before then?
    I'm 32 and have been PMO since i was 15. Don't think i can get out of it as I've been relapsing since 2012 when i discovered this site.
    And as far as women are concerned well who would want a 32 year old virgin with a very bad hairline (again due to PMO) I ask myself. I'm not a looker and having lost my job recently I can't afford to lose time on women.
    It just feels that my whole life has fallen apart and I've achieved nothing both personal wise and career wise.
  18. MarstonS

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    I like this succsess story! Great job!
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  19. sower

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    Ya it's pretty much saying you reclaim your manhood when you quit PMO.

    "Super powers" is just a fancy term for regaining one's innate abilities by manning up.

    I like the story for the most part minus the program being advertised which Chris also use to push on the NoFap forum until forum policy restricted it.
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  20. lookingforlove

    lookingforlove looking to have meaningful and satisfying sex

    awesome success story! I am sure I am not alone in wanting to know more on Kegels. Would you share a link to where there are specific Kegel exercises and tips?

    Also what are your thoughts on David Deida's chapters on Body Practices at the end of his book, The Superior Man? Very interesting stuff on essentially Kegels (drawing up the pelvic floor) coupled with breathing. He calls it "circulating" the sexual arousal energy instead of letting it stagnate in the head or genitals. Also converting ejaculatory orgasms into whole body and mind orgasms that are non-ejaculatory.
    This book is amazing. Ever read it?
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