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  1. simon1986
    New life started on 25/01/16 and keeps getting better. I'm finally rediscovering my self.
  2. Damien
    Damien Rengaw
    I'm 132 days pmo free and I'm going through the same horror with frequent wet dreams , and feel the zombie effect- how did you get through it, did they stopped or what? I need to at least make it to 14 days, then I'm feeling normal again and have my benefits back.
    Please, please help, I'm desperate.
  3. Saneoualhadath
  4. Kique
    not my but thy will be done
  5. Mik2
    When life hands you bullshit, make bullshit chocolate chunk cookies ;)
  6. Mik2
    Cookies are red, cookies are blue, I love ts gangbangs, how about you...
  7. Ansem
    Ansem TheUnderdog
    Hey there, could you share an example of a life vision written out? I've wrote quite some stuff but I'm kinda clueless on how to structure everything.
  8. limbowarrior
    Went a while on Nofap... relapsed . It sucks but I have to try again
  9. Zekkromm
    Day 25 widout PMO ..this brain rewiring is massive. Not ok tbh.
  10. Mik2
  11. Ben9353
    New here and am nervous. I plan on updating everyday while i begin stopping porn. Please support me .
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  12. Bixente
    He is risen !
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    2. Ready_for_change
      He is risen indeed!!
      Apr 17, 2017
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  13. Ali909
    Ali909 le_petit_moster
    Hi le_petit_moster, I couldn't get myself to read your hack book for weeks so I decided to use Siri and listen to it while at work.I know that your hack book still hasn't sinked in because i started pmoing again today three times. I just wanted your support. I'm 24 and this is really getting to me. I hope you will communicate with me and help me to be free of pmo. I will let you know about my progress.
  14. Neilpaul
    Addicted to shemale porn
  15. Aspirante
    “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
  16. mama lalu
    mama lalu
    Was Born to do GOOD........but
  17. worriedgirlfriend
    Girlfriend of someone who struggles with Porn Induced ED.
  18. Tidus
    ~ Listen to my story....This, may be our last chance ~
  19. Veeav
    I'm not new member :)
  20. LightOfWorld