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  1. Zekkromm
    Hello bro/sis. I am new to 'Your Brain Rebalanced', just registered recently. I am here to get my happy days back. Lots of love to you guys.
  2. mama lalu
    mama lalu
    Was Born to do GOOD........but
  3. worriedgirlfriend
    Girlfriend of someone who struggles with Porn Induced ED.
  4. Tidus
    ~ Listen to my story....This, may be our last chance ~
  5. Veeav
    I'm not new member :)
  6. LightOfWorld
  7. Libertad
    Libertad jebu
    Hi jebu, I wanted to read your Journal, but your link below your posts seems not working. If you donĀ“t mind me asking, I saw that you made it to over 500 days and then you relapsed, I also made it to 270 days and than relapsed and binged for almost two years. Did you found out what let to your relapse after so many days and how to avoid it from happening again? Thanks. Regards, Libertad
  8. FreakyButPractical
    Giving that restless voice a rest!
  9. shattered
    I realized I'm a Nice Guy, and it's a terrible thing when you realize that.
    1. Rockbottom93
      read a book called, "No more mr nice guy"
      Mar 16, 2017
  10. vicky373
    vicky373 40New30
    (3)my questions are...are those symptoms of hard flaccid? And does hard flaccid is caused by prostate cancer? And what should I do to eliminate these symptoms.?.I have every common symptoms of hard flaccid..I can see Doctor but they dono abt HF.thank you very much sir...I hope u help me....
  11. vicky373
    vicky373 40New30
    (2)and it also burns at anus when pooping and pelvic floor clenches involuntarily many times and when ejaculation...I also have foamy urine most time...and I also don't feel my urgency in bladder anymore I feel it in penis...and my hard flaccid worsens when standing..
  12. vicky373
    vicky373 40New30
    Hello sir I just want to clarify some things sir..iam all started with hard flaccid..which continued with urine leak and frequent the problems are burning when urinating especially when urine is dark and that dark urine occurs while urinating after a long time or when not i didn't drink much water...(1)
  13. Clips4Souls
    Feeling positive again.
  14. Rengaw
    Doing just fine!
  15. Tennis
    You only fail when you give up.
  16. heavenward
    PLAN the days and apply their PLAN always.
  17. ErectusRepairo
    This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning!
  18. Dragonslayer
    Never, never, never give up -Churchill
  19. FreakyButPractical
    Say to yourself, I was never an addict it was all an illusion. We're Transcending that illusion now let go of the guilt and shame & move on.
  20. Outsider.
    Recovering in progress