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  1. ATLquitPMO
    This time I'm actually going to do it.
    1. matthewmammothrept
      Wish you the best!
      Nov 20, 2017 at 9:20 AM
  2. percy.shelley
    For the better
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  3. NewMindSet74
    Looking for inspiration from likeminded people
    1. matthewmammothrept
      Welcome Newmind! Wish you the best on your reboot!
      Nov 15, 2017 at 8:55 AM
  4. Outis
    I feign obsequiousness, while you feign altruism as a clone
  5. sirrus12
    sirrus12 le_petit_moster
    I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your hack book. I was addicted to porn for 12 years and tried to quit for about 5 years. I am finally free thanks to you. Now, my life is infinitely more enjoyable in so many aspects that it's hard hard for me to comprehend sometimes. I no longer have urges for PMO or even MO. Whenever I am reminded of porn now, I just laugh and am incredibly relieved.
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  6. Dave1976
    Trying again....
    1. matthewmammothrept
      Sorry to hear about your relapse. What happened? Any strategies you could put in place to prevent it from happening in the future?
      Nov 15, 2017 at 8:55 AM
  7. Immature
    10 days in.
    1. matthewmammothrept
      Great job Immature! Keep on going.
      Nov 15, 2017 at 8:56 AM
  8. Manorwhot
    Back once more.
  9. TheScriabin
    TheScriabin dark red drifter vessel
    You have kept my head above the water these last few weeks. I wish I could do something to return the favour, like buy you a beer. You are an exceptional dude!
    1. dark red drifter vessel
      dark red drifter vessel
      That's nice of you to say! Beer, and be it intentional in nature, is always appreciated. :3
      Nov 11, 2017
  10. Binx
    Where do you start in here?
    1. matthewmammothrept
      Hi Binx! Welcome to YBR! Glad to have you with us. I would recommend introducing yourself and then starting a journal in your appropriate age group section. Wish you the best on your reboot!
      Nov 9, 2017
  11. LightOfWorld
    LightOfWorld HateAnxiety
    HateAnxiety do u have an email?
  12. Yrotrt
    Yrotrt Pornfreesmee
    Hi bro

    I have the same pied like you so can i have your FB or any thing on social media to chat about this problem
  13. Optimum Fortitude
    Optimum Fortitude
    No matter how far wrong you've gone, you can always turn around
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    2. matthewmammothrept
      Thanks for sharing, Optimum. Sometimes it is depressing to consider how many times I have had to turn around.
      Nov 9, 2017
  14. Sweetripay
    Hard way, Positive Result.
  15. dark red drifter vessel
    dark red drifter vessel
    I am a battleship. <3
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  16. baco_bacon
    Never stopping
  17. TodayAt17
    Continuing to progress day by day
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    2. matthewmammothrept
      Keep on progressing! Wish you the best!
      Oct 20, 2017
  18. NewTerritories
    Plato: 'Man is the plaything of the gods, and that is the best of him; and so we should play the noblest games.'
  19. Endeavour
    Endeavour TheUnderdog
    Hi Underdog,
    Technical question. If an account is deleted are all the posts contained in it deleted as well or do they remain?
    1. Alexander
      You have to delete your posts individually.
      Oct 19, 2017
  20. the novelist
    the novelist
    Hey, this is my first day here...hoping to find some accountability buddies...
    1. matthewmammothrept
      Oct 13, 2017